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I took this photo January 20th, 2017. I chose it because this was my first night out when I moved here to Atlanta. One of my friends who manages the club invited me for a night out of laughs. What I like about this photo is more about how I took it. The stage was lit up so bright and everywhere else was so dark, I just personally liked the transition that came out of the photo. Of course this was taken at the Atlanta Comedy Theater, as the logo on the wall says. There happened to be people filing in and grabbing their seats, so I caught of couple of them getting settled in their seats. Here’s the tricky part of explaining this image in a more deeper aspect, I guess. From seeing this photo, it just seems like a typical photo showing off where I’ve been. But now that I’m looking at it, it shows me people of all kind getting together to take a load off from their day to enjoy a comedy special. There were special guests in attendance so of course, people just came there to laugh, drink, eat, and have a good time. This picture shows me that everyone of all colors, shapes, and sizes can all come together peacefully and enjoy something together.

I’m not too sure about the history about the place nor the sign of the comedy club, I never bothered to ask. But I have shared this picture on Instagram, just to prove to my people back in Connecticut that I really moved here to Atlanta.

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  1. Tiffany Smith says:

    …but you should have bothered to ask. How does the history of the space influence the message the space reveals? Why is this a space that people of varying kinds come to? What draws them there? What does the image reveal about the culture/society/community you occupy? Why and how? What does the image of the Atlanta skyline on the wall reveal about the space? the city? Why did they elect to put that image on the wall? What does that image reveal? Critically evaluate/Question!

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