Believers Never Die: AG Interviews Gerald Walker (IL)

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Today is the release of Gerald Walker’s forthcoming project, “Believer Never Die“. Anonymously Gifted got a chance to chat with the Believer on who he is as an artist, his sound, and talks of tours and his BND mixtape. Make sure you get your copy today.

For the record state your full name, stage name, age and where you are from.

Name: Gerald Walker Jr.

Stage Name: Gerald Walker

Age: 24

From: Chicago, IL. I represent the City of Milwaukee though.


I know Chicago is where you were born, but why are you representing Milwaukee?

That’s the city that taught me the game and molded me into the person/artist I am today.

And what type of artist are you?

Honest. I’m an artist who bares all aspects of my life to the listener; all the good times, the wins, the come-ups, the accolades, as well as the times where things seem puzzling.

What do you mean puzzling?

Thing’s that don’t make any sense. Often questions that we may have on life and why/how things happen to us.

I’ve been listening to you for a while now but I know plenty of people who barely even know your name (shame isn’t it?). For those that have never heard of you or your music before, how would you describe your sound?

I [would] describe it as middle ground. Somewhat commercial-sounding beats, but with hip-hop lyrics. Not too underground… not too mainstream. Just a perfect balance of it all.

If a person walked up to you right now and said, “I never heard of you before, you’re probably garbage, just another person calling themselves a rapper….” what would be the one song you would recommend for that person to change their opinions on you?

“The Things We Think and Do Not Say” because not only was that song cleverly written … the music sounded good. I feel it’s everything hip-hop represents. The honesty, grittiness, music and lyricism missing from many artists today.

Now for the people that are familiar with your work, I have to ask, how on earth do you come up with these long drawn out yet comical song titles? I feel like I’m reading a paragraph when I see your tracks lol

I always wanted songs to be more fitting toward the theme/subject of the song. One and two word titles don’t cut it sometime lol. Secondly and tertiary, when I first started out it was a way to grab the listener’s attention. PLUS it was something no hip-hop artist (signed, indie or major) was doing.

I read somewhere that you were on tour with Yelawolf. How was that experience?

The Yelawolf Tour featuring Cardo & Gerald Walker. It was incredible. I learned so much from Yelawolf, Trae The Truth and everyone involved.

Are you still on tour? Or are you done with that?

Not currently. There are plans for a “Believers Never Die” multi-city run, however.

Do you have an idea of when that will be kicked off?

In the near future. Like seriously.

Would anyone be featured on that tour? Or will it just be a one man act?

Probably me for now.

Who would you like to be on tour with you

I’d love to be on tour with Kanye & Jay-Z. They’ve perfected the live performance game. Just to see their preparation and decompressing methods after a show would be wonderful.

Are you coming to my city?

What city is that again? (laughs)

Bridgeport, Connecticut! lol

Aww snaps lol. I’m not sure. When I do you’ll be the first to know, swear.

Lol ok I’m going to hold you to that! Since you brought it up earlier, your new mixtape “Believers Never Die” coming out April 16th. Are you excited?

I’m very excited. Very anxious to see what it does. I have high expectations for it.

What can we expect from BND?

Just good hip-hop. Good beats. Good rhymes. Great subject matter. And an overall just encouraging piece of work to the listener.

Who have you worked with on this project? Any notable names?

I have my homie from Kansas on the project named, XV. He’s super talented and has always been a supporter of my music. I have another one of the homies from the DMV area (D.C., Maryland & Virginia) named, Phil Ade. I have my man Scolla from Detroit, my man Bryant Stewart from St. Louis. And more people who did their thing on BND.

Is there any Cardo production on BND?

Yes. Three Tracks.

How did you hook up with him?

God & networking. Also being at the right place at the right time.

What is your favorite track from BND?

Wow. That’s hard. Asking me that is like asking a parent who’s their favorite child lol. They’re all my babies. I gotta go with this record called “Um, Excuse Me” and “Girl, Oh No He Didn’t”… shucks…I’m not even sure. I love em’ all.

How does BND differ from your last project “The Other Half of Letting Go”?

Well… “The Other Half of Letting Go” was extremely personal. I bore a lot of things in my life and exposed myself to the listener. “Believers Never Die” is more practical. It’s really encouraging, empowering and pushes people through song to never give up on themselves or their dreams.

May “Believers Never Die” have much success on its debut. Is there anything else you would like to add before we wrap this up?

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