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Michael Francis Interview With KarmaloopTV [Trailer] (NJ)

December 31st, 2011 | By

Well not exactly much of an interview. Francis shows off his talent by singing a quick 40 second hook. His full first Karmaloop interview is coming soon!!/iMichaelFrancis

AG Interviews Ayomari (CA)

April 14th, 2011 | By

I interviewed West Coast artist Ayomari a few months back. Although the interview is a bit outdated, I still wanted to share.

For the record can you please stage your full name, stage name, your age and where you are from.

Name: Omari
Stage Name: Ayomari
Age: 25
From: Smyrna, GA

Congratulations on the success of your debut mixtape, The Peanut Butter & Jelly Solution. This was one of my favorite mixtapes of 2010. How long did the process take for this mixtape to be perfected and completed to your standards?

Many of the songs on the project were actually a few years old prior to me officially deciding to put together “The PB&J Solution”.  With that said, it’s somewhat difficult to decide how long it took to “perfect” the mixtape.  But if you look at it from when I decided I was going to make an official project, not taking into account me using “dated” material, then I’d say it probably took under a year.

What was your motivation behind the project?

Well, when you’re broke, lol, you can only afford so many food choices, peanut butter and jelly is one, oodles and noodles and pasta are others.  What the mixtape literally represented was my meal ticket, the solution from penny pinching eats to fine dining in a way!

Now I honestly don’t even want to call you a rapper, because around these times the title ‘rapper’ sounds so generic and watered down, with today’s music selection. You are a man of your own stature. How do you differentiate yourself from other artists?

How I feel I stand out is in my attempt to capture life’s moments that everyone deals with from day to day, yet are often overlooked by “rappers”.  Also by creating music I can stand behind as a person.  It’s very important to me that the music I make not only have an audience in the Hip Hop community, but also can be listened to by my family and the masses of people that may not primarily listen to Hip Hop.  I love music as a whole, and I’m always looking to experience new territory.  Hopefully all of this will become clearer as my career progresses.  It’s still early lol.

How would you describe the “new music” that’s coming out in the hip hop scene in the west coast?

Diverse, new yet familiar, fresh and youthful.

How does it feel to be a part of the new West movement?

It feels great to be apart of something that’s so far removed, location wise, from the places I was raised.  My first time ever visiting the west coast was when I was 17.  I had never even saw the pacific ocean, or any ocean for that matter until then.  It’s crazy where life takes you and I’m definitely fortunate to be apart of this new school movement, and to be respected and accepted by my peers.

How and why did you start your career in making music?

Although I’ve been actively doing music since middle school, I’ve honestly only been seriously pursuing music a little over two years now.  I’ve always been one of those people that hated seeing wasted talent, and my grandmother told me that if you don’t foster your talents, they will wither away.  It only felt right to pursue the one thing I’ve been engaged in the most for basically my whole life.

How long have you been rapping?

Since 6th grade.I had this yellow notepad, my first rap was called “Beat Down Click”.  I even recall the first line being, “What you gonna do when a beat down is coming for you.”  I even started a crew called “Egyptian Click” and everyone was named after Egyptian gods, lol.

Lol which Egyptian God were you named after?

Lol I actually went by Scarab (Scarabaeus sacer).

Now I found it interesting with the topic of your previous stage name. Before the world of bloggers and underground listeners heard of ‘Ayomari’, your stage name was originally ‘Bricksteez’. Why did you switch from Bricksteez to Ayomari?

Well, technically Bricksteez wasn’t my “stage name” because I was never actively pursuing music when I went by that moniker.  The most I did was a couple shows at this random club in Atlanta, which I think is closed now, and also participated in battles at Breakatlanta years ago lol.  I chose to change my name because as you get older, you realize that a lot of things you do as a kid are more so for the look rather than the meaning, and Bricksteez never truly held any meaning.  Ayomari is self explanatory.

Where did the name Bricksteez come from?

It originated from Brickstyle, which was given to me from a female friend.  I used to frequent this website called and participate in online battle tournaments.  Back then I went by several overly “lyrical” names; Wordplay the Punchliner, which turned into Brickstyle I believe, and of course from there into Bricksteez lol.

How do you compare yourself between ‘Bricksteez’ and ‘Ayomari’ music-wise?

Ayomari is better.

What is your relation with TiRon? You two together make a great team when it comes to creating music.

We’re good friends.

How did you guys meet?

We actually met through Yahoo Chat! years ago.  During those days, there used to be these “Freestyle” rooms that people would frequent and rap in by way of those old school PC computer microphones.  Eventually, you get to know people and what’s interesting is this was at the forefront of social networking.  So where as a few years ago it used to be somewhat awkward or weird to say you met a person online, now it’s completely normal lol.

I was poking around and I saw that you and TiRon was going to be releasing a mixtape on Valentine’s Day. What is that mixtape called and what is the concept of the tape?

The project is entitled “Sucker For Pumps”.  The concept will be a project dedicated to women; the relationship between men and women, various topics concerning women etc etc.  We wanted to do something for women from an honest point of view rather than the overly glamorized, borderline mysogynistic representation you typically get within Hip Hop music.  No corny shit though, just honest, dope records.  Emphasis on honest, and dope lol.

What are some other artists you would like to work with?

Radiohead, Homeboy Sandman, Sufjan Stevens, Bradford Cox, Daniel Snaith, EL-P, DJ Khalil, Andre3000, Mr. DJ, Alexander Ebert to name a few.

Can we expect a new solo mixtape from you in the future?

Yep, the official follow-up to “The PB&J Solution”, entitled “Color ………MMXII A.D. EP”, prior to that releases I plan on dropping a free mixtaped entitled “Coloring By Numbers”.  I’m aiming for a tentative March 2011 release.  In addition to these projects, TiRon and I are working on a projected entitled “Sucker For Pumps” which I mentioned above.  Aside from these, people can expect frequent music through the “#thegoronniesessions”, lots of good stuff!

What are some other future projects we can be expecting?

Um, I have a few ideas I’m bouncing around in my head.  One for a project called “While We’re Young”, which touches on the subject of “boomerang kids”; how twenty-somethings don’t seem to be “maturing” at the same rate as we did a generation ago.  That’s a very simple description, but another idea I have is for a project called “DTLA”, and another one called “The Creativity Crisis”.  These are all very much in early stages so nothings set in stone yet!

Any last words you want to say?

Be sure to check out, follow us on twitter @cafeterialine & my personal blog, you can also follow me on twitter @ayomari. Stay positive and promote positivity in your environment, friends, family and strangers!

*Editor’s note* Sucker For Pumps will be released at a later date.

Download Ayomari debut mixtape PB&J Solution