CharlieRED Presents The RED Show Recap [Event] (NY)

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What’s going on kiddies? You already know what time it is when you see a fresh feature in the scroll box. New event, new recap. Last week I had the pleasure of finally seeing rising artist, CharlieRED, hit the stage on one of their first headlining concerts, “The RED Show”. This show included guest performers such as underground songbird Jennah Bell, rap duo Tanya Morgan, and a special DJ set done by A Tribe Called Quest’s official DJ, Ali Shaheed Muhammad.


I got there just in time to see Jennah Bell’s band setting up and tuning their instruments for the special the audience was about to witness. Though a bit awkward and lack a bit of personality through her performance, she makes up with it by exceptionally singing a few of her mellowed tempo songs over live instrumentation.

Next up was Tanya Morgan; rap duo that makes up Von P and Donwill. They bring the hip hop for the night, as their producer 6th Sense kicks the bass up from his laptop, and they perform a melody of their hits old and new. Though the sound system sucks and it almost became a game of “Which mic are they going to use next?”, they made it through the night with a good amount of applause from the growing crowd.


The final act was a show itself as the lights went red and the screens prompted a single word on them: MUSE. 1/2 of the group, CharlieRED, Cobaine Ivory steps out from the back curtains and starts tinkering away at his guitar. As the band starts up, we hear the other half of the group, Rocki Evans, start up his rhythmic cries, and he appears on stage bird chest naked with a skully, cargo pants, and a draping fur coat hanging from his body. Talk about comedy. CharlieRED is officially on the stage and they give us a show for the night. We got to hear old music from their debut project, “Religion“, new music from their current project, “MUSE“, and we even got to see where the idea of MUSE came from, with short clips of a homemade video featuring a homeless guy from the streets of New York.


I must admit, the show was okay, being that there was a sound issue and you can barely hear what the artists are singing about if you’re not familiar with their music. Overall the show was good and had everyone out of their seats. People came out and showed support to the raving group, and we hope to see more of them in the future. As a matter of fact they will be performing at SOBs on the 19th for Hot 97′s Who’s Next show featuring Tiara Thomas and August Alsina and AG will be in the building for that. So if you missed this show, don’t worry you have another chance of checking them out.

Make sure you pick up their latest project “MUSE” out on iTunes now, and you can check the recap video of the Red Show below.

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