#DigitalExcellence Presents: An Interview W/ Ye Ali (IN)

March 14th, 2017 | By


It’s only the beginning for the self-proclaimed Traphouse Jodeci aka Ye Ali. The Chicago born, Indiana bred, L.A. based singer/songwriter/producer wowed listeners with his debuted self-titled album. The 12-track project is filled with Drug induced, woke up in someone’s random bedroom, cruising to the Summer’s breeze by the beach mood music. It’s crazy to hear the growth of this 28 year old artists from back when we use to go under the moniker of BabylonsTomb (The day ones know about that!). Now here we are in 2017 waiting for the sequel to THJ to drop later on this year.

We caught up with Ali during his Atlanta stop on the Open Late Tour with rapper 24Hrs, where we talked about his name derivation, his sound, and upcoming projects. So before we get the new TraphouseJodeci project, let’s revisit the one that started it all.

Speaking of new projects, Ali is already teasing new music from the upcoming “Traphouse Jodeci 2”. Make sure you check out his new Bizness Boi produced single, “Loyalty“ featuring another AG frequenter, Eric Bellinger!

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