Getting Back To Love With Bobby V: AG Interviews Bobby V (GA)

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With 5 albums under his belt, and another project on the way, the artist formally known as Bobby Valentino shows no signs of giving up the RnB spotlight. Last month we got a chance to interview and see Bobby V perform live at The Drom in New York, courtesy of Soul Factory.

As he prepares for his EP, Peach Moon to release, we got a bit of inside detail on what to expect from the project.

Can you talk about your “Peach Moon EP” real quick?

“Peach Moon” is my 6th project. You know I’m very excited about it. Real Live instrumentation; live music and songs with substance. The music that you know, that’s going to take the heart and soul. So I’m very excited about it. And it’s something different that I’ve ever done, so it’s going to be legendary and definite next level.

I hear that you’re going to have live instrumentation on it. How do you feel it’s going to change the game in RnB?

As long as people listen and pay attention it’ll definitely change the game and I think a lot of people will follow. And a lot of people will uh be ready to do real RnB vs singing over rap tracks and just, you know singing with the first thing that comes to mind you know? Most of the hit records which to me is not real RnB. So I think it will change the game as long as people listen and pay attention.

Where did you come up with the name “Peach Moon?”

I was at the Sky Lounge which is my studio, and we were working on these songs. And I looked out the window; I saw the moon. I just said peach moon and it came about. And I look up the definition and the peach is the first fruit that was eaten on the moon and this is my first time doing something new and different, so it all really came together. “Peach Moon”, and it just made sense with what I was doing.

Ok is there any other projects that you’re doing past peach moon? What else are you working on?

Um we were really trying to really focus on the “Peach Moon” project. It’s a lot of work, hard work, but that’s what we’re focused on right now. Of course doing a little TV. [I’m] trying do a little reality TV [show] with my family, a show called ‘Formed School’ I’m working on. But um as of right now I’m really focusing on the “Peach Moon” project.

Any last words?

Make sure y’all get the single “Back to Love”. It’s on iTunes right now. Support your boy Bobby V. Follow me on Instagram: TheRealBobbyV [&] Twitter: @ BobbyV.

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