HiiiPoWeR: Kendrick Lamar Performs At Toads Place [Event] (CT)

June 16th, 2012 | By

Pics By DaveBFI

Another show another write up kiddies. This time my ventures landed back at Toads Place in New Haven, Connecticut to see Kendrick Lamar perform live. Now I didn’t know I would be recording any parts of the show, being that I did not get the official say so, but this was a special night I had to let slide.

To skip the boring parts of the nights, there were two major events that happened during the night: There was the three round local freestyle battle, featuring some of your favorite AG artists such as Blayze, Raw Blits and newcomer coming soon, Muz. And of course there was Kendrick performing.

To kill time during the wait for the show to officially began, hosts DJ KG and DJ Buck of Hot 93.7, put on a small form of entertainment by letting some local talents hop on stage to go toe to toe with each other. I admit the footage is not in its best qualities (sooo not exclusive of me), but you can clearly hear the cheers and the boos.

Muz was on fire!!!! Well until it came time to the acapella portion of the battle and he called all of us women bad hoes. But it was in a good way tho, I think. The second video has better sound quality.

You out here wearing leather snapbacks, nigga u grown“. Blaze set was pure comedy and the guy he battled didn’t stand a chance. So the drunk opponent started dancing and jumping up and down instead.

Even though Blits didn’t have the best battle moment (yes he did get booed), he stuck it out and kept going.

Pics by DaveBFI

Though entertaining, the real entertainment finally walked across the stage. After troubles of having technical difficulties, which made the main event start late, I must admit Kendrick dominated the stage. Performing a variety of songs, some off his early movements, some off of “Section.80“, and ending the show with “The Recipe“, the almost sold out crowd was hype.

In my opinion, the whole show all together was 50/50. It had the potential of being another great show like the Big K.R.I.T., Ab-Soul, & ScHoolboy performance that was at Toads a few weeks ago. But if the claims were true, about them having sound troubles, then the show was great. If there was any other reason besides that, then the show was borderline Dom Kennedy show.

Either way it was a good night. I seen Kendrick Lamar perform up close for the first time. I had fun with friends who were thoroughly hype during the whole night. I watched some of AG elites bless the stage. Hopefully we can get him up here again in the near future. Next week Thursday catch me at SOB’s to see Ab-Soul takeover the venue!

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