Hot 97 Presents Who’s Next Live Recap [Video] [Event] (NY)

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Hello fellow AG viewers! Two weeks ago my latest adventure landed me at SOBs for Hot 97′s ‘Who’s Next Live’ showcase featuring Too Many Zooz, Kreesha Turner, Mapei, and Tinashe. I would have to say this was the best showcase Hot 97 has thrown to this day. Each performers set was high energy throughout the show. There was never a dull moment. Big shout out to Karlie Hustle for putting together an amazing show. Only she could have pulled this one off.


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The show opened up with Harlem subway musicians Too Many Zooz. I wasn’t sure what to expect with them being that they were musicians with no singing or rapping to help them out during their instrumental set. I thought I would prepare myself for the type of a sound I was going to hear by checking out a few Youtube clips, but nothing prepared me for the actual live sound. It. Was. Amazing. With a mixture of saxophones, trumpets and makeshift drums, Too Many Zooz rocked the house, getting the party started with their funky sounds. And might I add, the saxophonist was killing his solos with fancy feet work, and breath control. Their self titles EP is currently available now

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Next up was Jamaican Canadian singer Kreesha Turner. Believe me her accent was just as strange sounding as my explanation of her ethnicity. But in a unique way. Kreesha brought the Rnb Jazzy Dancehall feel to the stage, as she had two of her background dancers liven up her performance.¬†Working as a singer, producer and song writer, Kreesha made sure we check out each of her talents as she worked the stage. She is currently working on her third studio album, “Evolution Inevitable” which is coming soon.

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The third announced act came with a gathering of supporters. Downtown Records’s own Mapei graced the stage with a staggering amount of applause and cheers as she entertained in her eclectic style. Mapei was another person I was unsure of, being that she only has one record out on the radio, “Don’t Wait” (which I low key didn’t even know it was by her). But alas, any doubts I had disintegrated as I watched her take over the stage.

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Last but not least, the one everyone has been waiting for, Tinashe graced the stage. I was a little perturbed by her performance. I couldn’t tell if she was letting the pre-recorded tracks do all the work, if she was lip syncing a portion of the performance or if her mic was just terribly low. Everyone who knows my musical taste know that’s a huge no no in my eyes, but I’ll give her the benefit of the doubt.

Anyway Tinashe dominated the stage with her beauty, dance moves, and bass hitting tunes. The RCA signee ran through records from her previous mixtapes, “In Case We Die“, “Reverie“, “Black Water” and of course her new single, “2 On” featuring ScHoolboy Q. She s currently working on her debut album.

SOBs was on tilt that night. Amazing performances from a range of artists that are sure to take over the music world in their own way. Make sure you keep a eye on Too Many Zooz, Kreesha Turner, Mapei, and Tinashe in the future. Welp that wraps up this event and that means its on to the next adventure! Try and catch me!

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