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Klassik – Autumn EP (WI)

August 10th, 2015 | By Janei


As another cycle of the artistic cycle comes full circle, much like the season itself, the AUTUMN phase concludes the creative journey for the artist. Warmer days are fewer and farther between, but in the days before we buckle down for the frost of WINTER again, the AUTUMN season allows for an introspective harvest of all of the vibrations and energy the creative has put forth across the past year. The end result is a warm, welcoming foundation of sounds that still carry the radiance of the SUMMER days just past, combined with a more frank and cool understanding that the upcoming cold grip of WINTER is not to be feared, but celebrated as the introduction to yet another period to grow and mature.

The AUTUMN EP is the fourth and final EP in Klassik’s SEASONS series. The full SEASONS LP will be released this month.
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K.Sparks – Autumn Blues x Home School (NY)

April 22nd, 2013 | By Janei

K. Sparks_Home School 500 x 500

K.Sparks returns to the music scene as he drops off his first two singles from his forthcoming mixtape, “Self Portrait“, slated to be released August 2013. “Home School” features Paul Rivers Bailey
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FowL – Autumn Caught’em (MI)

October 31st, 2012 | By Janei

This reminds me when you would go back to school, and the teacher would make you write down what you did over the Summer, and what would you like to accomplish over the year. FowL hits is right on the head as he describes his version of his Summer activities, while claiming that the rest of the year is his. Produced by Clockwork Muzik.

If you have not, make sure yo pick up his latest project, ‘Tall Tale EP’

Download FowL-Autumn Caught’em | Sharebeast