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Devine Carama – The Lost Jewels Vol. 1 [Mixtape] (KY)

January 16th, 2015 | By Janei

Goonies (Devine Carama)

Last month Devine Carama blessed us with his previous loosie track compilation tape he calls “The Lost Jewels Vol. 1“. Its all previously unheard material dating back from 2004-2014. While he’s on his music breather in 2015, we can still enjoy a little bit of Carama throughout the year. Check it out after the jump!
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Devine Carama – Classic Material [Music Video] (KY)

January 5th, 2015 | By Janei

Starting the new year off right, Devine decides to take a sabbatical from rapping to focus on his nonprofit organization, ‘Believing In Forever Inc’. Before he disappears into the goods of the community, he dropped off his visual, “Classic Material“, off of his latest album, “< em>Believing In Forever”, out now. Produced by France’s Cool FD Beats & the vintage hip hop visual is directed by Unsung Hero Media.

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Devine Carama – 10 Blog Commandments (KY)

December 24th, 2014 | By Janei


I think its great an artist can school the youngings on how to gain viewership through blogs and social media. I also think its great that somebody finally gets it. THANK YOU!!! Anyway, check out the do’s and don’ts on how to submit music to us bloggers and check out what Devine had to say about it after the jump
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Devine Carama – Glorious Darts & Soundscapes (KY)

November 17th, 2014 | By Janei


Ok kiddies. One of our long standing artists Devine Carama has been rocking with us for a few years now, and his material just gets better and better. After releasing his latest album, “Believing In Forever“, Devine lets loose one of the bonus single you can only find on the physical copy of his album. The song is called “Glorious Darts & Soundscapes” produced by Eianjay of Beat Addictz. If you like the interlude, you can order your very own copy of the limited edition “BIF” CD on his Bandcamp page.
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Devine Carama – Believing In Forever [Album] (KY)

October 27th, 2014 | By Janei


HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEVINE!!! After dropping singles like “Satan’s Radio (66.6 FM)” & “Something More” over the month, Devine is ready to debut his 14th project, “Believing In Forever”! “BIF” includes 16 tracks with minimal features from Jocelyn (no not Love & Hip Hop Puerto Rican Princess),JK-47, & Talor Hall. You can bump this after the jump
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Devine Carama – Priority Of Rhyme Pocket (KY)

October 8th, 2014 | By Janei


Devine shows off with his final leak from his upcoming album, “Believing In Forever“. “Priority Of Rhyme Pocket” continues after the release of his previous single, “Keepers Of The Boom Bap” (off his last project “The Dream Walker” FreEP). Ahh you’ve been sleeping on Devine’s music? Not to worry, we got you. Get the catalog here. After you had your fill,check what he has to say about his new single, after the jump.
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Champagne Chu – Hands Up (KY)

September 24th, 2014 | By Janei


Champagne Chu (formerly Young Chu) teams with fellow Kentuckians, Devine Carama and Deacon The Villain of Cunninglynguists, for his latest Mike Brown inspired joint, “Hands Up“. Produced by 8GM, each emcee touches on the color blindness on America, dealing with police violence to young minorities in USA hoods everywhere.

Hands Up” can be found on Chu’s upcoming untitled project dropping later this year. Also be on the lookout for Devine Carama’s “Believing In Forever” dropping October 27th!
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Devine Carama – Satan Radio (66.6 FM) x Something More [Music Video] (KY)

September 22nd, 2014 | By Janei


Devine continues to keep us enlighten with the first two singles off his album, “Believing In Forever“. Calling out the power of the radio, Devine floats on “Satan Radio (66.6 FM)” (produced by S&G Beatz), wondering whether if this is what’s being drilled in our brain because the public likes it, or if its because the DJs are beaten us over the head with it until we like it.

The second single comes in the form of a visual as Devine asks for “Something More“. Directed by Unsung Hero Media, the Sir Flywalker produced song, is not only featured on the upcoming album, but is also on a surprise EP entitled, “Something More“. Didn’t see that one coming. You can get your copy of Devine’s “Something More” EP after the jump, and be on the look out for his album dropping October 27th.
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Devine Carama – The Bar Tactician (Interlude) (KY)

August 22nd, 2014 | By Janei


Devine Carama is back with a all new interlude off of his upcoming tape, “Believing In Forever” scheduling to drop September 1st. Devine gives you pure bars with a sample from Jay’z's “What More Can I Say” screaming at you after every point that is made. Devine was clearly having fun and was aiming to kill, up until he went Smurf mode on us at the end. Still all good work.

Look out for “Believing In Forever” coming soon!
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Devine Carama – Nicest MC You Never Heard About (KY)

August 4th, 2014 | By Janei


Well the title kinda speaks for itself. Posing as the first offering from his upcoming album, “Believing In Forever“, Devine boastfully claims that he’s your favorite, even if you haven’t heard of him before. Produced by Starks Beats & featuring scratching by JK-47, “Nicest MC” serves as a warm up record before he drops the first official single in September.

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Devine Carama – Let There Be Light [Music Video] x Phenomenal Woman (KY)

June 23rd, 2014 | By Janei


No this is not a passage from the Bible, but Devine Carama is trying to speak knowledge to the doubters and the non believers out in the world. In his new video “Let There Be Light“, he continues to push through the naysayers and brings light to the positive side of his legacy; touching the souls of children and music lovers around. “Let There Be Light” is produced by Andrew Lopez and is directed by Unsung Hero Media. “The Dream Walker” is available now.

Oh and as a late pass, check out the tribute he did for Maya Angelou called “Phenomenal Woman” featuring Talor Hall. Also produced by Andrew Lopez
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Devine Carama – The Torch Bearer (KY)

May 19th, 2014 | By Janei


Back in 2012 Devine had recorded and stored this track, “The Torch Bearer” produced by Confidence. Long forgotten, he stumbled upon it while looking for beats for his next project, “Believing In Forever“. Devine Carama gives you one of his gem stones for your listening pleasure, carrying the message about carrying th right legacy for our future generations. Take a listen below
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Devine Carama – The Friend Zone (KY)

April 28th, 2014 | By Janei


Ahh the dreaded friend zone. Though I have never been in there, I feel as if its like looking through a looking glass of the Matrix. Devine sums up his experience when he tries to talk to his home girl on a different level, but she doesn’t see him as potential. Into the friend zone he goes…until she finds out that he has someone new that he’s been courting.

The Friend Zone” (produced by DJ Well Blended) didn’t survive the chopping board when it came to his project, “The Dream Walker” EP, but the project is still fire without it. If you have now, get your copy of Devine’s “Dream Walker EP” today.
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Devine Carama – Keepers Of The Boom Bap (KY)

April 4th, 2014 | By Janei


I feel like there are few artists left still trying to keep that golden era boom bap sound alive while also pushing the music forward. I’d like to think I’m one of those MCs.” – Devine Carama

The Dream Walker” EP is out now
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Marshall Sinclaire – Sunroof Ceiling Window (IL)

April 2nd, 2014 | By Janei


Chicago artist Marshall Sinclaire releases a smooth piano based track called “Sunroof Ceiling Window“, getting the assist from Bronx artist Frank Ramz and Kentucky artist Devine Carama over the Taavi Haapla production from his forthcoming album “Fanthom”.
Shouts to Intrigued Music Blog

Download Marshall Sinclaire Feat. Frank Ramz & Devine Carama – Sunroof Ceiling Window

@SinclaireOO ft. @DevineCarama and @FrankRamz