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Bias Truth – What We Gon Do Now [Music Video] (CAN)

October 28th, 2015 | By Janei

Bias Truth releases an unreleased video for “What We Gon Do Now” off of last years’ release of “#AllRise” to build up some anticipation for his debut project “Better BMore BFore” which he is looking to drop later on this year.

What We Gon Do Now” personifies a mentality that in the end only hurts us as individuals and collectively. Bias is trying to push the envelop and express the need for change in mentality and growth in order to help the environment some face and grow up in. An environment filled with violence, fatalities, drugs and just a cycle of negativity. The movie/tv clips signify what some see on a daily basis and its constant strain on creating a better tomorrow. The gritty and even shaky shots and edits magnify the reality of life in some cases, its not all clean edits and transitions in this life, its a rocky road we live despite circumstances, but with faith its all possible to see it through the struggle.

Shareefa – They Gon’ Learn [Music Video] (NJ)

May 13th, 2013 | By Janei

How did Shareefa ever fall off? She premieres a new buzz video “They Gon’ Learn“, directed by Amil Barnes. Bow down bitches! You gon learn today! This will be featured on Reefa’s upcoming project.

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Video Directed By: Amil Barnes