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Nino Man – Nobody (NY)

January 25th, 2016 | By Janei


Funk Flex has finally served a purpose in my life. After getting off work I would turn on the radio and hear Flex boast how the tri-state has all this talent and that we should support it. Then he would play whatever single he thought was exclusive to him for the masses to hear, like he was apart of their come up from the beginning. The new music wave I suppose.

But I will give him this credit. Since I’m not a avid Jadakiss listener, I’ve never heard of Nino Man. And man did Flex play the shit out of Nino’s “Nobody“. Something about this record that makes it sound like an official “I’m from New York” comeback. Produced by Beat Butcha, Buda & Grandz, you can find the single below.
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