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WestsideGunn – Mr. T (GA)

February 1st, 2016 | By Janei


You know what I like about certain artists? When they know they have this ill beat or sample, and they take a moment to appreciate the final product from it. At least this is how I feel with Westside Gunn and his single, “Mr. T“. The way he waits and rides with the beat before he starts rhyming lets me know, that he really likes this sample. And we the audience do too.
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WestsideGunn x Conway (Hall&Nash) – Free Chapo

January 13th, 2016 | By Janei


As you heard over the weekend, they finally caught El Chapo. Of course there was devastation between all the younger folks, as one of their “hood heroes” finally got caught from his daring escape from prison. Welp I’m happy to say that there’s already a track idolizing his return back to jail and the “Free Boosie Chapo” signs are about to be full in effect.

WestsideGunn and Conway go bar for bar with their new one, “Free Chapo“. Produced by GXFR’s own Daringer, HALL & NASH drops a new track expressing there disgust in the capturing of Drug Lord “El Chapo”. Let the beat reign
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