TDE Presents ScHoolboy Q: Oxymoron World Tour Recap [Event] (CT)

March 10th, 2014 | By


What’s up everybody! Welcome to the first Anonymously Gifted recap of 2014. This past week I had the pleasure of attending ScHoolboy Q’s ‘Oxymoron World Tour’; making its third stop at Toad’s Place in New Haven, Connecticut. Featuring performances from Vince Staples, Isaiah Rashad, local rapper Dom McLennon, and of course Groovy Q, the night was something you wish you didn’t miss out on.

Well actually I wasn’t able to view the show in its entirety myself. Unfortunately I’m vertically challenged and the bouncers decided to let their co-workers excuse their way to the front… which happened to be in front of me. But we’ll get to that later.

When I say the place was sold the fuck out, I mean the line was wrapped around the building and spilled damn near into Yale’s courtyard; there were so many people in line for this show. Age ranging between 14 to 50 (yes there were some old looking biddies in attendance), they all stood in the cold to see what the Top Dawg Entertainment member had in store for them.

As I settled in a suitable position where I can see the stage clearly, the first act of the show was about to do his thing. Local Hartford artist, Dom McLennon jumped on stage with pure energy, getting the show started with his single, “A.Y.N.E.”. Throughout the crowd you can hear people chanting ‘Are you not entertained?’, as they bounced to McLennon’s vibe.

After he got off the stage the real show was about to abrupt. Just as they introduced Vince Staples to come to the stage, three burley looking dudes pardon themselves past the gated barriers, and stood in the off limit section, eating up what little vision I had to the stage. It didn’t take long to realize that these were off duty bouncers abusing their benefits of their job. So now Vince Staples is on stage revving up the crowd, but I can barely see him because I’m staring at the backs of a bad trimmings and crooked shape ups. And to make the situation even better, they invited their friends and family to join them where they stayed glued to the edge of the stage the whole night.

Vince Staples’s performance surprised me. I’ll be honest I’ve never really checked out his music prior to that night, so everything about him was a first for me. I didn’t think the crowd would be receptive to what he had to bring to the table, but he gave a solid performance. He interacted with the audience, had them dancing and even made a few friends throughout his set. I think Vince is someone who may just have a name for himself as the year goes by.

Next up was newest TDE signee, Isaiah Rashad. Being that this was my first time seeing Isaiah perform it was surprising to hear how light his voice projected. You can barely hear him over the pre-recorded tracks. I believe overtime with shows and confidence, he’ll be more comfortable performing. But he did hold the crowd’s attention as he opened up his set with personal favorite, “Soliloquy”. As he ran through his 15 minutes, he continued dropping songs such as “Ronnie Drake”, “I Shot You Down” and “RIP Kevin Miller”, all which you can find off his recent debut, “Cilvia Demo” EP.

The night is droning on and the crowd of people who is blocking my view is getting bigger by the minute. The more people that’s being added to the party, the smaller I felt, until I turned around and realized I was standing at eye level with ScHoolboy Q. Strolling in with his body guard and a cup with a questionable drink, he casually walked towards the back of the stage; either ignoring the screaming fans calling his name or mentally getting in the zone. Huh. Don’t tell me he’s gone Hollywood on us also. Flashback images of August Alsina’s near disaster came flooding my mind as I watched Q disappear behind the curtains.

All for naught I felt stupid once I found out that Q was sick, and was carrying tea to coat his hoarse throat. But he didn’t let that cold stop him from giving a show. He turned Toad’s Place out! I thought the floor was going to cave in the way everyone was jumping up and down. He ran through three albums worth of tracks, getting into “Druggies with Hoes Again”, “Break the Bank”, “Gangsta”, “Blessed” and more. Multiple times throughout the night he thanked everyone for buying his album, “Oxymoron”, making it number 1 on the Billboard charts.

Closing out the night, Q does the honorable crowd surf while performing “Man of the Year” twice. I think it’s safe to say that CT did show support that night, and Puffy will be coming back in the near future. The night was a great night. If ScHoolboy Q is stopping by your city, I suggest you get your tickets now. Already he has sold out 8 shows and is continuing to keep up with the trend.

Even though I couldn’t see much of the show I still enjoyed myself. One of these days my shortness will not become a factor anymore. Still a beginner in this blog game, I’ll move up the ranks to a point I can have my own section roped off and I can block security for ruining a good view. Take that from this Fun Sized blogger!

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