The Dom Kennedy Experience (CT)

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This past Tuesday, I got a chance to see the man that revamped my total views in hip hop music with just one song; that West sider, Gucci belt wearing, Leimert Park thoroughbred Dom Kennedy. The boys over at may have won cool points with me by bringing him to Connecticut to perform, but as far as the showcase altogether, the night was mediocre. Don’t get me wrong, everyone who performed that night did their thing and I don’t have anything bad to say to them, but the night overall was average at best.

Hosted by Smooth of Real Entertainment and music spun by Hot 93.7′s own Joey Franchize,I believe these two saved the audience’s anticipation to see Dom Kennedy. Before I get into it, I want to applaud A Dreamers Society for taking the chance of bringing an underground artist out in Connecticut. It takes a lot of bravery and balls in bringing an artist to Connecticut that 90% of the state has never heard of. It’s unfortunately like trying to book Gucci Mane a gig, and he ends up going to jail the day of your show.

A fair amount of the crowd showed up to see the headlining act, because surprisingly I didn’t expect that many people to even know who Dom Kennedy was. That was a plus. The show started late. Doors opened at 8, and the performances started around 10:30pm.

First up to bat was a performer out of Bronx, New York by the name of Flowjo Stevo. Who ever said having the first slot on the stage is the most difficult wasn’t talking about this artist. As soon as the beat dropped Stevo gave it his all with his newest unreleased tracks Where is Flowo and M$$$Y. He had great energy on stage; enough to keep the people interested in his act.

To keep the energy going Bridgeport, CT artist, Clayebourne took the mic next. One of my personal favorite performers, Clayebourne commanded the audience’s attention as he performed 100 Miles A Minute. He then brought up street rappers s500show and Heartless on stage to perform Director’s Cut. He lastly finished out his set with an unreleased track called Demolition Man.

I would like to sidebar and say Joey Franchize did the damn  thing when intermission came up. He had the crowd jumping. No I mean literally he had the crowd jumping. It was to a point where a fight almost broke out, but that’s a different story. He played hits like Ante Up, Scenario, Twinz (Deep Cover), Gimmie The Loot, your latest hits, your old school hits. He had my head bopping at the memory of what real rap was.

Al-Fatir was next to touch the stage.  Here’s another one of my personal favorite performers. What I like about his performances is that he was very clear and articulate on the mic. You can not only hear what he was saying, but his confidence was very high. He walked the stage like he owned it and from my eyes, very few artists can’t do that. He performed his singles “Swag”, “Hippie Shit”, “London (Ext)”, and “I Want It All“. You can find the rest of his music here

Another local Connecticut artist, this time a group by the name T.G.I.F., walked on stage. If I thought they were trying to form a mosh pit earlier, I haven’t seen anything like this before. Whoever  decided to have their fan base in the crowd cheering them on while they performed, needs to get paid because they hyped up their whole set, from beginning to end, getting everyone else to join in on the action. Too bad I can barely hear a word they were saying; otherwise I probably would have been in the crowd cheering with them.

It is now 11 something and I’m starting to get impatient. I paid to see someone, not to see a talent show. It’s great fuel to talk about on the blog, but that was not my goal for the night. Four opening performers have already blessed the stage. Where is Dom Kennedy?

Just when I thought all the opening performances were done, I was sadly mistaken. I looked up at the stage and saw superman with dreads fly up on the speakers next to me, jumping up and down getting the crowd hyped up once again. Then just as fast as he flew on top of the speakers, he flew off the speakers and ran to the other side of the stage. Boys and girls this boy wonder with dreads goes by the name of Area and my gosh was his set fast paced and energetic. He performed Give a Fuck, Limousine, It’s Not Real To Me, and Warren Buffet.Find the rest of his music at

Finally Smooth announced the last performer to come to the stage. You can hear a mixture of disappointment and relief with the sighs that passed through my side of stage I was stationed at. The last opening performer was ADS’s own J.R. He took the energy of the crowd down a notch with his singles J.ust E.njoy A.t N.ight, Doin What I Please, Hilary Banks, and Y.B.G. (Young Black And Gifted). Expect his next project, JEAN EP to drop soon

It is now around 12:45 and I hear the intro to Dom Kennedy’s set. Final-fucking-ly. The crowd pushed forward to the stage as Dom delivered his lazy-like west sider punchline flow to the awaited fans. He performed singles off his current mixtape Westside With Love Part 2, The Original Dom Kennedy, and my favorite single that introduced me to his kind of music, Watermelon Sundae off of 25th Hour. Just as fast as he hopped on stage he was also quick to say “That’s My Time”. Wait….

Maybe because I went in as a blogger and not as a fan, I would have to rate this my second worst concert I’ve ever been to (and I’ve been to a lot of concerts). As a blogger I’m focused on every detailed, where is if I was just there to enjoy the show, I wouldn’t have mind everything that was going on. There were too many opening acts in my opinion. The show started waaay too late. And I shouldn’t have had to pay $20 for Dom Kennedy to perform 5 or 6 songs. I’ve paid less and got more for my buck. But still, the night overall was average and a success was made. Shout out to A Dreamer’s Society and all of the Dreamers who were there in attendance. If you were at the show, leave your comments and thoughts below

CDC-Dom Kennedy Feat. Casey Veggies & cARTer

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