The Men Behind ‘Religion’: AG Interviews CharlieRED (NY)

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CharlieRED, consisting of producer Cobaine Ivory and singer Rocki Evans, have been making waves across the music blogs with their latest EP release, “Religion”. We hear so much about the music, but we never get to see the men behind it. AG gets a chance to talk to the young cats introducing who they are, and what they’re bringing into the music game.

For the record can you please state your stage name and where you are from. This is mandatory information for the site

Stage Name: CharlieRED
From: Cobaine Ivory is from Albany,NY & Rocki Evans is from Houston,TX

Who is CharlieRED?

Cobaine Ivory: We are whatever [that] makes you feel good… We are a creation of the masses. We are the ANTI…music created out of lack. On a more surface level, we are a Blues/Hip-Hop group…ha:)

Rocki Evans: CharlieRED is an Honest and classic soul with vulnerability and passion

Why the name CharlieRED?

Cobaine Ivory: I feel like I represent the “Charlie” part [because of] My old school approach to music production and Rocki is the “RED” part because of his nickname as a child and because of his energy and the performance he gives…Rocki is all caps!

Rocki Evans: It represents an era where there was a new standard of class in which people respected the art form of truth rather the things that surrounded the artist

How did you find each other?

Rocki Evans: Our manager Ian Holder connected our worlds and it was history from there

Cobaine Ivory: We were introduced to each other through our current manager. What was weird about it is that he hadn’t talked to either of us in 3 years or so and randomly called us both and said we should work together….Serendipitous

Before CharlieRED what were you two doing?

Cobaine Ivory: I was producing records for others as well as being an “artist” with my own creative musical endeavors.

Rocki Evans: I was just going through the motions as an artist. Background for certain artist, label hopping and writing. I appreciate it though, made me the artist I am now.

How would you describe your sound?

Cobaine Ivory: I wouldn’t…I would let you. Our music represents the truth in us, therefore it connects with the truth in you.

Rocki Evans: The same way I described the name; Classic, Vulnerable and honest


[Rocki,] I learned that you are cousins with BJ the Chicago Kid. Do you feel any type of competition in the music game with him?

Rocki Evans: That wasn’t clarified, there was a time when we were entertaining the thought and unfortunately my Grandfather passed before I could clarify the truth behind our thoughts. What’s great is, I never met my grandfather; so that was the first and only time I conversed with him before he passed. Do I see BJ as competition? He definitely keeps me on my toes but we are two totally different types of expression. When you think of the origins of soul, there were so many perspectives. He’s a great perspective to soul music as well as Charlie.

You briefly mentioned to me before that you couldn’t stand your earlier music. Why?

Rocki Evans: I didn’t know who I was. I was often frustrated because I couldn’t find the sound my soul desired. When I connected with Cobaine, I felt my expression had finally found a home.

What’s the difference between your old sound, and your new reformed sound?

Rocki Evans: I’m singing a lot more, I’m not afraid to explore new things and challenge myself at the same time.


[Now Cobaine,] Rocki Evans’s name has been in the wind for a couple of years now, but I feel most people don’t know much about you. Who is Cobaine? What is your story?

Cobaine Ivory: I like that! I’ve changed my production name in the midst of creating RELIGION so that is part of the reason. I feel like what I was, needed to be assassinated because this new person, making this new type of music, was becoming different animal altogether. My story is that I am now what I always wanted to be, Myself.

What made you get into creating sounds?

Cobaine IvoryI’ve been creating music since I was 8 and even earlier than that, I used to sleep in the studio while my Mom was in the booth. My stepfather was a jazz drummer, a DJ later in life, and has the most eclectic music collection to date. It was only right that I became a creator in music as well. Creating sounds, as you put it, is part of my physical makeup.

Didn’t you just recently release an instrumental project? And if you can elaborate on it?

Cobaine Ivory: Yes, last year I released TRISTATE OF MIND, the first Classical Hip-Hop piece ever written: It is one long piece which incorporates vastly different genres as well as German opera singer, Nicole Yazoline. I scored the entire piece. It is difficult to explain the music, you just have to take time and listen to it yourself…

Any other future projects in the works for CharlieRED?

Cobaine Ivory: We are in the studio working on finishing our latest effort. Definitely expect more Charlie music this year!

Rocki Evans: There are many more projects coming from us.

Is there any last thing you guys want to say?

Cobaine Ivory: Be yourself, everyone else is taken – Oscar Wilde

Rocki Evans: We appreciate you.

Make sure you follow CharlieRed and pick up their breakout project, ‘Religion‘ now.

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